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Free download System Akvile v2.2.0 for Android

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The description of System Akvile AppYour personalized 6-week skin health program based on real statistics.→ A face scan to monitor your progress→ Skincare and lifestyle tracking→ Personalized statisticsOur SKIN HEALTH app is just right for you:We offer you a complete SKIN TOOLBOX with ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED to support you with your acne prone skin and keep you motivated to reach your skin goals!To cut straight to the point: This skin app is NOT A TOOL for diagnosing or treating medical conditions.Our SKIN HEALTH TOOLBOXis designed to support you with your acne prone skin by allowing your own skincare and lifestyle tracking and comparisons.Our goal is to collect the tools you need in one place to target your acne skin:We offer a holistic approach to help you to reduce breakouts and take back control of your skin health. We introduce you to different approaches and provide the most effective expert insights about treating acne prone skin.Help us AND yourself:To get to know YOUR skin, you need personalized statistics, easy-to-understand overviews and customized predictions. So don\’t be afraid to take face scans or share personal information because it will only help us to improve your personal skin health journey.This is how YOUR SKIN HEALTH APP WILL HELP YOUTOOL 1: Your 6-week Skin Health Program→ Find the latest research about acne prone skin gathered in ONE place.TOOL 2: Your Daily Questionnaire→ Record your daily lifestyle and skincare habits.TOOL 3: Your Personalized Statistics:→ Learn what works for YOUR skin.TOOL 4: Your Face Scan→ Monitor your skin’s process.Here’s HOW IT WORKSStart with your ONONBOARDING→ Tell us your skin story→ Profit from personalized statistics→ Get content that is tailored to your skin’s needsOur promise:→ We keep your data safe!→ We won’t sell it to third parties!→ We use it to make your skin health journey even more unique!Build your FOUNDATIONEach week new articles will unlock for you!→ WEEK 1: Get to know your skin health journey→ WEEK 2 & 3: Skincare for acne prone skin→ WEEK 4 & 5: Nutrition for acne prone skin→ WEEK 6: WellbeingUse your TOOLSFind your acne trigger factors with your tools:→ FACE SCANHow is your skin changing? Take pictures of your face!→ DAILY QUESTIONNAIREAre you consistent? Fill out your daily questionnaire!→ STATISTICSDo you notice any patterns? Analyze your personalized statistics!ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE!

Free download System Akvile v2.2.0 for Android

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