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Free download RaceInsight v1.2.11 for Android

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The description of RaceInsight AppRaceInsight harnesses telemetry data to dramatically improve your driving skill and help you break through your limits on the track.This app uses your smartphone to seamlessly detect, filter, and analyze telemetry data from you and your quickest opponents for each race and present it in an intuitive, simple interface.Forget those hard to read telemetry graphs – RaceInsight shows you the data in a beautiful graphical representation. Never again will you have to wonder why another driver is quicker than you. Now you will have an exact map of superior driver behavior, turn by turn, and you will know exactly how to slash your lap times.Currently supported games:F1 2021F1 2020F1 2019Main features:- Easy setup- Automatic detection of session start / end- Turn by turn analysis including:*Time difference* Key inputs for driver and rivalSteering AngleThrottleBrakeGearSpeed* Assists comparison* Recommended proven setups for each track- Smart capture and updates of best rival data – RaceInsight always looks for quickest rival data, so If someone beats the current reference you were comparing against, that data package will become the new reference.Learn more at

Free download RaceInsight v1.2.11 for Android

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