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Free download Pt Pal Pro v3.11.19-pro for Android

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The description of Pt Pal Pro AppPt Pal Pro is used with your doctor, clinician, physical, occupational and/or speech therapist(s). Your clinician needs to contact [email protected] to have access to Pt Pal Pro.Pt Pal Pro lets your clinician, doctor or therapist throw paper instructions away and send your medical instructions such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac, oncology, speech tasks, women’s health exercises, pregnancy, etc. directly to your phone.For patients, Pt Pal is the assistant you have been looking for to help you with your exercises and medical tasks. Pt Pal helps you:- Remember when to do your task or exercises- Shows you how your clinician wants you to do your tasks- Counts out loud for you so you don’t have to- Keeps track of your progress- Notifies your clinic as you arrive so they are ready for youFor therapists, Pt Pal is the patient engagement tool you have been looking for to better connect with your patients. Pt Pal helps you:- Engage your patients in their therapy- Quickly prescribe their in-patient and/or home exercises or tasks through our web portal- View their progress away from the clinic- Collect pain & difficulty feedback from patients- Collect clinical surveys- Expand your marketing with a branded app- Provide better service to your patients by schedule optimizationPaper handouts with hand-written instructions are limited in helping you remember what to do on your own. Pt Pal Pro stores your tasks, therapy exercises and clinical information, helps keep you on schedule and reminds you how to perform them correctly at home, work or school.Patients need monitoring to keep their health on track. In the case of many people’s care they may need to make lifestyle changes that improve the overall health of the heart, especially to prevent or treat conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease. The doctor may suggest several lifestyle changes, including:1. Eat heart-healthy foods. Eat a healthy diet that\’s low in salt and solid fats and rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.Send instructions to the app using video and written forms and monitor activities- A food diary is sent to the app for patients to complete in order to learn about their consumption and help make changes if necessary- Food education is provided to increase health literacy, which in turn increases health outcomes- Fat Intake Survey to monitor their progress and provide an intervention if needed2. Exercise regularly. Exercise daily and increase physical activity.Enter individual treatment plan and monitor activity through phone or devices3. Stop smoking. If the patient has difficulty stopping smoking on their own Pt Pal can provide strategies or programs to help you break a smoking habit.Surveys – smoking assessment, triggers and how to deal with them4. Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight increases risk of developing heart disease.Monitor blood pressure and BMI at home and monitor through Pt Pal to keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.5. Maintain follow-up care.Pt Pal reminds patients to take their medications as prescribed and have regular follow-up appointments with the doctor.Do you have a loved one in another part of the country or world and would like to keep tabs on whether they are performing their medical tasks and exercises? We can help you.Pt Pal helps the clinicians and therapists by allowing one-click ordering via pre-built order sets from our vast exercise library in our therapist web portal. Instead of going to binders and filing cabinets to search for the right hand-out and then hand-writing directions, the therapist clicks through the orders and they are sent directly to the Pt Pal app on their patient’s phone.PT Pal helps therapists help their patients and families by giving them better tools to perform their work. With Better Tools, Expect Better Outcomes.

Free download Pt Pal Pro v3.11.19-pro for Android

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