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Free download MediQuo Medical Chat – Online doctors consultation v2.0.144 for Android

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The description of MediQuo Medical Chat – Online doctors consultation AppDo you have medical questions? Do you want to be able to ask a reliable source? Stop looking for medical information on the Internet. Download mediQuo and ask a healthcare professional directly. They will provide you with a personalized and truthful opinion.With mediQuo\’s medical chat, you\’ll be able to ask specialists in an easy and simple way through your smartphone. Being a part of the mediQuo community opens up hundreds of possibilities to manage your and your children\’s health from anywhere. You\’ll be able to chat as much as you need with doctors and specialists who will instantly answer your questions.24-HOUR MEDICAL CHAT WITH HEALTHCARE SPECIALISTSDoctors available 24/7Immediate response from all medical specialistsUnlimited consultations, ask doctors as much as you needSending photos, videos, analyses and reports to the doctorGynecology: pregnancy, fertility, maternity, breastfeeding, childbirth, contraception, period, vaginal infectionsPediatrics: vaccination, medication for children, baby feeding, chickenpox, measlesGeneral Medicine: headache, fever, asthma, flu, cold, mucus, stomach pain, migraine, allergies, pharmacy, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, thyroidPsychology: anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteemNutritionist: diets, overweight, recipes, obesity, fastingAnd much more: chat with specialists in dermatology, cardiology, urology, sexology, personal trainer, or couples therapist.Ask your healthcare adviser online. First, they will analyze your history and symptoms in order to solve your doubts and guide you towards a personalized solution. They will then put you in contact with the different medical specialists who will give you specific recommendations on your health and well-being. Activate the Premium plan and get unlimited access to all these specialists. You can choose the day, month or year plan, depending on your needs.Medical chatChat with licensed doctors in different specialties. If you are looking for a dermatologist, cardiologist, gynecologist or pediatrician, you\’ll be able to chat with all of them. Lead a healthier life and improve your well-being. Chat with nutritionists and personal trainers to create your personalized training and diet plan. Your mental health and peace of mind are very important. Chat with an online psychologist who will guide you to better cope with your day to day life. When doctors are online, they will be marked in green, so you\’ll be able to make your medical questions. When they are offline, they will be marked in red, so they\’ll reply whenever they are online again.Healthcare groupsChat with other mediQuo users through healthcare groups. You\’ll find people who go through the same as you do and with whom you can share your experiences, concerns, doubts and receive support. In each group, there is an expert on the subject who accompanies, moderates the group and shares their knowledge.BlogDaily information on healthcare. You can find information on everything: From fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby feeding or medication for children, to detection and treatment of illnesses such as diabetes, hypothyroidism or hypertension. As well as articles related to nutrition, exercise and sport or psychology.If you are a doctor and need to conduct consultations with your patients or mediQuo users, download the mediQuo Pro app.>DOWNLOAD MEDIQUO AND CHECK ANY MEDICAL QUESTION INSTANTLY<

Free download MediQuo Medical Chat – Online doctors consultation v2.0.144 for Android

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