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Free download Kare Mom v9.0.8 for Android

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The description of Kare Mom AppHaving a baby in the neonatal ICU (NICU) is understandably one of the most frightening experiences for new parents, esp. the mother. Not only are you constantly worried about your little one\’s health, you are entrusted with providing the most important nutrient for your baby\’s growth – your breast milk. While breast feeding under the ideal circumstances is natural, breast pumping is not, more so given that you are physically disconnected from your baby.Kare Mom is a HIPAA compliant app that will be your support system during this phase. From tracking your pumping sessions, to feeling engaged in your baby\’s care at the NICU, Kare Mom helps improve the safety and efficiency of the entire breast milk tracking process. The nurses at the NICU are working tirelessly to ensure the best bedside care for your baby; that, coupled with the superpowers of your breast milk can make all the difference in your baby\’s world.We hope your baby is back with you at the earliest, do remember to take care of yourself as you navigate these difficult days. Talk to your nurses, doctors, family and friends. We are here for you too, whenever you need us.Love,The Keriton Team.Please Note:This app is only for mothers whose babies are in the below NICUs. You will not be able to login without hospital specific credentials.Supported Hospitals1. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine

Free download Kare Mom v9.0.8 for Android

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