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Free download iConfort v2.1.3 for Android

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The description of iConfort AppHow does COMFORT WiFi SMART ROOM THERMOSTAT WORKS?COMFORT WiFi smart room thermostat with its 0,1-degree measurement accuracy sets your home temperature via application as you desired. You can save up to %30 of your gas bill by preventing boiler work unnecessary.What are the advantages of COMFORT WiFi Smart Room Thermostat?- With Smart room thermostat, you can control your home temperature by app wherever you are in the world.- Create daily or weekly programs easily by your Smart Room Thermostat App.- You can choose one of the 6 different modes which suit your situation and control your home temperature. (Home Mode-Sleep Mode-Outside Mode-Program Mode-Location Mode-Manual Mode)- Using Location Mode reduces the temperature of your home when you move away from home or increases the temperature when you approach your home.- You can add more than one home to your app and can control all with one app. – You can invite your family members to app and share control of your home.- COMFORT WiFi Smart Room Thermostat is only compatible with On/Off boilers.

Free download iConfort v2.1.3 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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