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Free download hiFleet v5.1.817 for Android

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The description of hiFleet AppHiFleet is the professional APP which is able to be used for ship AIS positioning, fleet management and operation. Besides global ship AIS data, it also provides shipping data such as nautical charts, marine weather forecasting and typhoons, ship particulars, historical trajectory, navigation safety information etc. and functions such as fleet management, route validating, weather routing, various alerts, marine traffic filtering, destination follower and so on. Several hundred thousands inland, coastal, and ocean shipping related parties, like COSCO Shipping, are enjoying the timely, accurate and stable data and information services provided by HiFleet.HiFleet website: https://www.hifleet.comMain Functions1. Ship AIS Positioning for more than 1 million ship targets, and inside them, over 300K ships is updated with 150 million AIS reports per day.2. Weekly updated global nautical charts3. 3-month ship trajectory replaying for free4. Ship particulars for over 200K ships5. Ship route prediction in case there is a valid AIS destination6. Route planning, dead reckoning and typhoon anti-collision simulation.7. 10-day marine weather forecast and voyage simulation8. Voyage speed analysis for each ship9. Fleet managementand alerting,including arrival, departure, bad weather, earthquake, dragging, stop, over speed, side-by-side, deviation, signal lost and recovery, voyage information alteration, etc.10. Filter the marine traffic with various conditions, such as ship type, DWT, draught, etc.11. Follow customized destination, and filter the expected arrival ships with various conditions, such as ship type, DWT, draught, etc.12. Geo fence drawing and alert rule setup

Free download hiFleet v5.1.817 for Android

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