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Free download Deeprio v1.1.35 for Android

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The description of Deeprio AppDeeprio APP provides you with accurate activity data records, detailed sleep report, and exercise analysis. It supports binding of a variety of health devices, allowing you to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.1.Supports binding of a variety of smart devicesSuch as Deeprio Watch, weight scale, oximeter, etc.2.Accurately records your every moveSuch as indoor running, outdoor running, cycling, walking.Synchronizes more movement records from the watch.You can get professional advice on exercise posture and heart rate analysis, making exercise more scientific and effective.3.Your sweet sleep assistantLearn more about the factors that affect your sleep quality and get suggestions for improvement.4.Rich and thoughtful remindersSilent alarm clock vibrates to wake you up without disturbing your spouse.Incoming calls, text messages, WeChat, QQ, emails and other notifications are pushed to your smart wearable device at any time. Never miss a single piece of important message.Your health matters. Drink water reminder and sedentary reminder can help you stay away from the harm caused by long-term sedentary.

Free download Deeprio v1.1.35 for Android

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