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Free download D2D v2.1.5 for Android

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The description of D2D AppAre you having a hard time finding medical scientific journals and updated guidelines?Are you looking for medical videos from the latest and most reliable sources?Are you having obstacles in sharing knowledge with colleagues?Those are problem became the background for the launch of the Doctor to Doctor (D2D) application.D2D is an application for Doctors that could provide rich information about scientific and medical update. D2D is very useful for supporting Doctors activities by utilizing the features that D2D has.Here are some of the main features of the D2D :List EventThis feature will display a list of medical event from ongoing event to upcoming event. There are details from every event we displayed such as contact person, so user can make a reservation for the event. D2D also facilitating user to find event from the selected month using filter menu that makes searching quicker and easier.LearningIn this feature there are sources of knowledge such us journals, guidelines, videos. Get them free to access and download on this learning menu. Also get the most updated guidelines in the D2D application. Enjoy the latest medical videos and live webinars from experts. There are content groups in the learning feature that make it easier for users to find various content they are looking for base on specialist.

Free download D2D v2.1.5 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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