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Free download AstroMe v1.187 for Android

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The description of AstroMe AppQuick gateway into the astrology world!AstroMe – Personal Zodiac Horoscope & Palm Reader gives you daily horoscope based on such factors as your zodiac sign, date and time of birth, etc. Get answer to the questions about career, relationships, life path and love. In addition, this horoscope app also provides the following features: sign compatibility, hand scanner and dream interpretations. AstroMe helps you discover what the future holds on you.EXPERT-BACKED HOROSCOPEAre you looking for ways to interpret the stars for advice? Using data gathered from professional astrologers our horoscope app offers a set of twelve predictions for each of the star sign:AriesTaurusGeminiCancerLeoVirgoLibraScorpioSagittariusCapricornAquariusPisces.Take control of your life with daily, weekly fortune teller from various spheres: love, work, health and more.Find out if today\’s the day to start something new, what new opportunities are presented by star`s position or what to focus on today!ACCURATE PALM SCANNERDo you want to immerse yourself in the study of the palm? Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is a science of fortune-telling through the mounts and lines on the person\’s left hand. Use our live palm reader as a guide to recognize what the lines of the palm say about friendship, fame, love, health, etc. It is the easiest way to reveal your palm secret. All you need is camera and AstroMe will decipher every detail on your palm.LOVE HOROSCOPE AND DREAM INTERPRETATIONSWondering who is most consistent with your zodiac sign? Compatibility test can help to choose your soul mate. The stars might also help you prevent disappointing partnerships. Our specialists look at synastry, natal chart and midpoints to find out who the stars deem to be the perfect partner for you.Furthermore, if you want to know more about your beliefs, feelings, fears and values, you can use a dream interpreter. Dreams are a regular part of our lives. That is where, thanks to our unconscious mind, various brilliant ideas or, conversely, distressing thoughts can manifest themselves. So meaning of dreams can recognize hints of our minds about those spheres of our lives that require attention.Discover what\’s in the star chart today with the best horoscope app. Download and use AstroMe – Personal Zodiac Horoscope & Palm Reader.For more information please visit:Privacy Policy: Subscriptions:

Free download AstroMe v1.187 for Android

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