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Download Zombie War – Survival Game MOD APK v1.02(Money)

Zombie War – Survival Game Screenshot

Zombie War – Survival Game Introduction</h2

ZOMBIES!!In 2029, T virous spread all over the world and the world is becoming a zombie apocalyse. You were born into it, so you have to struggle to survive and fight against innumerable horrible undead zombie and event mutant.First Person ShooterShooting Zombie is a very impressive FPS mobile game with lots of different and unique weapons. You can use dual desert-eagle, spwanoff shotgun, SCAR, VECTOR, M416 and even autocannons.Gameplay:Tap the screen, aim at the weakness of the zombies and shoot, destroy all enemies, collect gold coins, unlock more powerful weapons, and upgrade them.

Download Zombie War – Survival Game MOD APK v1.02(Money)

Download mod apk (1.07GB)

If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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