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Download Weltreich MOD APK v2.6.7.1(Без рекламы)

Weltreich: Political Strategy Simulator- pixelated strategy simulatorfor Androiddevices.Choose the development path of your countryA unique and detailed pixel strategy simulator where you can try on the role of the president of the country and develop it. According to the plot of the game, after the apocalypse, only three survived inside the bunker with people, in the place of each of them a separate state arose. To your right is an authoritarian state, and to your left is a utopian one. You have to independently choose a strategy for the development of your state, choosing a liberal or authoritarian vector, and you can track all changes on the political compass. Extensive gaming opportunitiesHere you will need to communicate with journalists, balance between personal rating and wealth, cooperate with the heads of other states and even create an army of furs. In this game, you can resurrect dead citizens or sell them to Satan, create an army of cyborgs and defend the borders of your state from dictators. The final game will depend on your decisions, so you will find many different endings. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Download Weltreich MOD APK v2.6.7.1(Без рекламы)

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