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Download Valley of The Savage Run MOD APK v1.0.1(NO ADS)

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Valley of The Savage Run Introduction</h2

You control two characters – a white one and a black one. They work as a team. The white character can hop on white tiles and the black character can hop on black tiles.Sometimes one character has to carry the other on his back, because there are no matching tiles. Other times one character has to unblock the tiles of the other, so both can continue forward.Teleports are tricky. The characters may have to hop on each other's backs before and after entering the teleport in order to match the right tiles on the entrance and exit.Meanwhile, you have to move fast. A creature is behind the characters and tries to catch them. In some situations you can deceive it and use it to unblock your way…Dear Player,We made this game hard. At first you will die often and you will die a lot, but that's OK. Slowly you will learn the basics. Once you get them, you will be amazed how fast and easy your fingers tackle the challenges. Don't give up and have fun!

Download Valley of The Savage Run MOD APK v1.0.1(NO ADS)

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