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Download Paint 3.1 apk for Android
Name Paint
Category Art & Design App
Size 4.0 MB
Reviews 1259
Developer ng-labs
Publish Date: 2021-11-24
Download Download APK(4.0 MB)
Google play  Google Play

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The description of Paint App

This app is made for creative professionals and anyone who likes to capture their ideas and creative thinking into a beautiful picture.Key Features of this Application✓ Start with a new drawing by clicking the clear button✓ Draw creative pictures using an array of brushes and painting tools✓ Feel the smoothness of drawing while drawing in fingers✓ Multiple brushes, pens, and pencils are available✓ Adjust a width for the brushes and eraser by using the slider bar ✓ Draw with finger or stylus✓ Erase part of the drawing when needed any correction✓ Zoom in and Zoom out to make small corrections in drawing✓ On clicking the reset zoom button your drawing will fit into the screen✓ All your drawings are available in My Art Gallery✓ Activating random brush color will act each stroke and shapes with different color✓ Undo and Redo last action and few strokes✓ Click an area on the canvas to fill it with background-color✓ Edit images/ photos✓ Your drawings have been saved into the photo gallery✓ Choose background color on easy color picker tool✓ Using the color picker tool select brush and background-color✓ Share your drawings with family and friendsPermissions note:✓ Storage: Needed to allow the user to access your device storage to save your drawings into a photo gallery and display drawings into My Art Gallery.Don't keep the "Paint" app a secret! We grow with your support, keep sharing :)Please don't leave negative feedback! Instead, please contact us @ [email protected] and we'll do our best to solve your issues.

screenshot :

Paint poster

Paint screenshot 1

Paint screenshot 2

Paint screenshot 3

Paint screenshot 4

Paint screenshot 5

Paint screenshot 6

Paint screenshot 7

Paint screenshot 8

Paint screenshot 9

Paint screenshot 10

Paint screenshot 11

Paint screenshot 12

Paint screenshot 13

Paint screenshot 14

Paint screenshot 15

Paint screenshot 16

Paint screenshot 17

Paint screenshot 18

Paint screenshot 19

Paint screenshot 20

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