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Download Nuclear Empire MOD APK v0.2.0(Unlocked/много денег/без рекламы)

Nuclear Empire: Simulator- an exciting business strategy clickerfor Android devices.Mining various resourcesThis game combines several of the most popular genres, such as clicker, arcade strategy, economic game and simulation. Here you can independently build a real nuclear empire and become a successful tycoon. You will first take control of a very small company that will be engaged in the extraction of various useful resources, and gradually you will be able to expand your business and earn in-game currency. Black market for tradingThis game will offer you several types of different useful resources that you can mine, sell legally or on the black market, earn in-game currency and invest it in the development of mining equipment and other necessary details. At the very beginning of the game, an assistant named Jane will tell you about all the cases and you can start developing your business. It is important to correctly implement the collected resources, improve equipment and machinery, open additional drilling points for your business to flourish. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Download Nuclear Empire MOD APK v0.2.0(Unlocked/много денег/без рекламы)

Download mod apk (29.16MB)

If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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