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Download Hyena Squad MOD APK v2(Unlocked)

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Hyena Squad Introduction</h2

Hyena Squad is turn-based, tactical game that combines classic squad tactics with light RPG elements. Set in a deep space station infested with aliens and the animated dead, you will lead an elite team of specialists in a daring rescue mission. Use each of your team mates special skills to their fullest to hold back the alien hordes long enough to achieve your mission objectives and get your squad out alive. The game features intense action where you will have to factor in cover, line of sight, alien positions, and squad morale to make the right decisions for victory. Lead a diverse squad ranging from heavily armored melee specialists, heavy gunners that can unleash a torrent of bullets, elusive and flexible scouts and even mysterious psychics.

Download Hyena Squad MOD APK v2(Unlocked)

Download mod apk (163MB)

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