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Download Giant rush (trial version) v1.0.1 for Android
Name Giant rush (trial version)
Category Action
Size 43.6MB
Popularity 7695
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 08/06/2021
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Mod Info:

Giant rush (trial version) Action Parkour mobile game \”giant rush\” has been launched at 10 am on January 15. Welcome to download and experience!

Giant rush (trial version) Game Introduction :

\”Giant rush\” is a creative game combining action and Parkour elements. Players can collect villains on the runway by moving left and right. Players will become bigger and bigger, and their attack power will be stronger and their brick wall will be higher. After arriving at the terminal, the player can also fight with the enemy through quick click, and fly the enemy to the sky through a flying kick! The game is full of strike sense, exquisite painting style and creative play make the game fun!
\”Giant rush\” game features:
1. It\’s easy to get started. Players will move automatically in the process of Parkour. They just need to drag to control the left and right movement. The simple way to play allows players to better experience the fun of the game.
2. The painting style is exquisite. The rich and diverse skin in the game, the special effect performance of players in the collection and outbreak, exquisite painting style, strong expressive force, bring players super audio-visual experience.
3. There are many ways to play. Players can choose to continuously upgrade to improve kicking strength and score bonus, also can get more diamonds by improving operation ability, and can collect diamonds to unlock more skin. A variety of playing methods make the game richer.

Giant rush (trial version) Game screenshot :

Giant rush (trial version)

Giant rush (trial version)

Giant rush (trial version)

Giant rush (trial version)

Giant rush (trial version)

Giant rush (trial version) (43.6MB)

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