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Download Fly Corp MOD APK v0.7(Unlimited Money)

Fly Corp: airline simulator – fun strategic simulator for Android devices. Minimalistic visual style Quite an interesting strategic simulator in which you will get the chance and opportunity to build the largest airline in history. At the very beginning of the game, you will have rather scarce resources and only a couple of airports at your disposal, but over time you will be able to lay new routes, acquire more spacious aircraft and increase airport capacity. In total, almost 200 countries of the world and five continents will be available to you to build airports, tens of thousands of cities are waiting for you. Development of the transport network In this game you can become the founder of the largest and most profitable company. In total, the game features 3 exciting game modes. Here you have to earn game currency for the transportation of passengers and goods, organize direct flights between cities, analyze the effectiveness of airlines and think over the location of transfer hubs. Also, each airport has its own level of maximum passenger capacity, and if at least one of them is overloaded, then your airline will suffer colossal losses. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Download Fly Corp MOD APK v0.7(Unlimited Money)

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