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Download Dungeon and Gravestone MOD APK v1.0.5(Full Paid)

Dungeon and Gravestoneis an intriguing RPGfor Androiddevices. Dangerous DungeonsMore than 5 years have passed since the release of Dungeon of Gravestone, and now it's time for the return of this great role-playing game, but with a new, updated story, gameplay innovations, as well as even more dangerous and dungeons. According to the plot of the game, your hero woke up after a deep sleep, and you ended up in a city from which there is only one way to escape. The death demon king has awakened and now you have to overcome dangerous dungeons in order to survive. Exciting questsSo, you will find yourself in a terrible place where it is almost impossible to escape the embrace of death. Now you have to explore a whole labyrinth of dungeons filled with various traps and dangers, get useful items, upgrade your hero's equipment and make your way further and further. You will also need to collect food, complete interesting quests and even fish so that your hero can survive. You are waiting for brutal battles with deadly bosses, dangerous dungeon locations, as well as a mysterious game world with cities and dungeons that change their appearance.

Download Dungeon and Gravestone MOD APK v1.0.5(Full Paid)

Download mod apk (163MB)

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