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Download Dream hunting dormitory 猎梦宿舍 MOD APK v1.0.4(NO ADS)

All the content in the game of dream hunting dormitory is extremely interesting. Start a series of challenging tasks every day, show your intelligence and mental wisdom, and complete one task after another with different difficulties. Only in this way can you unlock a more shining title and have an unparalleled sense of happiness!

Game features of dream hunting dormitory:

1. Rich and interesting fighting methods, actively stimulating competitive mode, earning wealth in sleep and upgrading turret;

2. Diversified competitive playing methods, unrestricted competition activities, and free confrontation at the fingertips to deal with various crises;

3. Eliminate endless bosses, guard their dormitories, meet all kinds of fierce ghosts, and never give up survival in cowardice.

The playing method of the game is relatively simple. When entering the game, the system will pop up some precautions, but they can basically be ignored;

Only part of the guide is for novices, so even if you don't follow its words, it will have no impact on the playing process;

Then after starting a game, the first thing players need to do is to find a room within a limited time, and then close the door and go to bed.

The act of sleeping can produce gold coins, which are used to upgrade beds and doors, or build some weapons;

After the countdown, the ghost will enter the dormitory building and wander inside. During the wandering process, it may attack the rooms where some players are located;

The more difficult it is for players to attack the door of the room, and the more difficult it is for players to be attacked by ghosts, the more difficult it is to enter the room.

Download Dream hunting dormitory 猎梦宿舍 MOD APK v1.0.4(NO ADS)

Download mod apk (410MB)

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