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Download Decluster Zero(Mod) v1.0.0 for Android
Name Decluster Zero(Mod)
Category Arcade
Size 56.7MB
Popularity 7598
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 19/11/2020
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Mod Info:

Decluster Zero(Mod) 1.Paid for Free
2.Accelerate energy acquisition

Decluster Zero(Mod) Game Introduction :

\”.Decluster Zero\” is a Japanese style bullet hell shooter featuring neo-retro dot graphics. This game offers modern-classic bullet hell gameplay and traditional Japanese beautiful bullet patterns. You\’ll have new bullet hell experiences with bullet-canceling system.

In this game, you\’ll encounter tons of bullets which are insane. It is impossible to keep dodging, but you can erase bullets easily.

■ Homing Laser
A main mechanic is \’homing laser\’. It causes big damage and also cancel enemy bullets out around your ship. It requires gauge, but easy to fill. You should use the homing laser aggressively and it is the best way to defeat enemies.

■ Capture
You can slow down bullets in the field and use them to counterattack. Try to capture the bullets collectively and turn into attacks.

■ Others
– Level select menu that you can start from the cleared level
– Various option settings
– Leaderboard for each difficulty and level

■ Twitter

Decluster Zero(Mod) Game screenshot :

Decluster Zero(Mod)

Decluster Zero(Mod)

Decluster Zero(Mod)

Decluster Zero(Mod)

Decluster Zero(Mod) (56.7MB)

Download MOD APK

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