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Download Arcade Homeless MOD APK v1.3(Unlimited Money)

Arcade Homeless – good-natured and interesting arcade simulator for Androiddevices. Clearing the planet from debris to cleanse the planet, improve the state of the environment and at the same time it is interesting to spend free time. The main character of the game, whom you will take under your control, is executed in the role of a real homeless person. It is through the example of this game that you can see that even a homeless person who pursues good goals can make a fortune and become rich. Disposal of various waste Many interesting game levels await you, during the passage of which you will collect various types garbage, place them in the appropriate bins according to their categories, and even promote your hero up the career ladder. Intuitive game mechanics await you, so players of all ages can have fun with the game. A funny character will cheer you up, and a minimalistic visual style will help you concentrate on the main goal of the game.

Download Arcade Homeless MOD APK v1.3(Unlimited Money)

Download mod apk (449MB)

If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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